Anon wanted a pic of galaco’s new design

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piko for princebearsama

mikuo for mikuo

and IA and gumi in summer clothes for anon!

i will try to post the rest soon

and a quick bonus doodle from the gumIA pic

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im on a plane for 8 hours send me character sketch requests if you wanna :T

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have you ever accidentally matched clothes with your sibling and you’re both like ‘gdi’

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i can finally dump all my bike trash here holy shit

you two probs stalk the midokoma tag but in the case that you dont im gonna mention you in the post :\

for inkaysquid and kyouyahibari

Anonymous asked:
Hey! You art is seriously amazing and I'm super glad you draw Vocaloid so much! May I ask for how long you've been drawing? Keep being awesome!

oh gosh thank you! thats really nice of you ; v ; i’ve been drawing for too long wow uh… i started when i was about 4 i believe? thats the earliest i can remember but i feel like i didnt start taking my drawing seriously until the beginning of high school :O

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i forgot how to draw school messed me up

parucafe asked:
i was wondering if you could do some sort of tutorial, or just how you usually use cs6 bcos golly i love your art and i wanna see how thats made

im really flattered that you like my work enough to ask this buT I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wouldnt recommend following what i do cause i have no idea how to use cs6 really, only the basics but even then not really;; here are some process shots tho?? i’ve never done this so i hope you find these a little useful!

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Anonymous asked:
Advice for an artist that's trying to get better? I can only draw SOMETIMES if a copy is right next to me and I can stare at it for a couple hours, freehand advice? Thank you so much! Love the blog! :D

ah thank you so much! im sorry tho im not very good with giving advice and this is the most repeated word any artist (or anyone trying to hone a skill rlly) has ever heard but PRACTICE. 


im still learning and im not at the level i want to be but you just!!! have to practice a lot!! especially if you’re the kind of artist that can only do it on and off and you need references!! references are really good tho so dont feel bad for using them but try to at first do it on your own and see what you took from your source and then look at your ref after and to take note on what you need to work on

try to draw when you dont have anything to look at and go off from your head, do it casually! doodling is really important in the learning process cause it loosens you up and gets your mind to be more fluid with your ideas?? idk if i phrased that right but it helps me a lot cause i just draw one thing after the next and even tho its messy and doesnt look all that right im too focused on just getting everything out on paper to care. which is good! for me at least because it gets your brain juices flowing >:OO

another things that helps is life drawing of course but like really quick, timed life drawing. just get the basic shapes and lines out cause when you get down to it, thats all art is. simplify what you’re doing and build up from there

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ive never actually played the games but i know everything