Anonymous asked:
i'd request for some mayu x gumo but requests aren't open :^( -mikyu

you are lucky i happen to know only one mikyu and that mikyu ships mayugumo and i happen to think that mikyu is really cool and i admire them a lot and would draw them mayugumo anyday



and whatever noise crabs make

Mami and Homura for byebabysayonara!

For a nerd :\

More requests

Yukari for yuzukiyukari

Kokone and V Flower for maomotomiya

Anon wanted a pic of galaco’s new design


piko for princebearsama

mikuo for mikuo

and IA and gumi in summer clothes for anon!

i will try to post the rest soon

and a quick bonus doodle from the gumIA pic

have you ever accidentally matched clothes with your sibling and you’re both like ‘gdi’


i can finally dump all my bike trash here holy shit

you two probs stalk the midokoma tag but in the case that you dont im gonna mention you in the post :\

for inkaysquid and kyouyahibari

Anonymous asked:
Hey! You art is seriously amazing and I'm super glad you draw Vocaloid so much! May I ask for how long you've been drawing? Keep being awesome!

oh gosh thank you! thats really nice of you ; v ; i’ve been drawing for too long wow uh… i started when i was about 4 i believe? thats the earliest i can remember but i feel like i didnt start taking my drawing seriously until the beginning of high school :O